Makin’ a Hex Grid.

Draw a line.
Copy and Paste the line and Rotate the new line 120 degrees.
Copy and Paste the Rotated line and Rotate that new line 120 degrees.
Bring those lines together.
Copy and Paste that contraption a few times. This would also be the time to put in some numbers if you’re going to need a numbered grid.
Copy and Paste that, stack it, then edit it to create this pattern.
Go crazy.

There are many ways to create a Hex Grid, the easiest is to snag one. You could copy paste hexes made in Illustrator and have a fun time trying to arrange them to form a grid. There’s another Illustrator way to measure the length of various parts of the hex and use two or three Transform Effects to create a grid–haven’t tried that–but, for the regular “I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life” kind of a guy like myself, these 7 steps is way to go.

If you need to number all these damn hexes, gods have mercy upon you. Align the number during Step 5. After the grid is created you will have to edit the text and re-number everything, but if you did it right, the alignment should be correct throughout that beast… that’s something at least.

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