PuppetRegime Games

Ye Olde PRGames logo.

The year was 2012. I was somewhere in Afghanistan staring out into the nothingness that be and had a vision of becoming a puppeteer. I even had a fullblown Kermit the Frog puppet sent out there–this was mainly to get a photo of Kermit behind the Ma Douce. Sadly, that photo-op never happened as Kermit arrived too late, he was held up at one of the bigger FOBs. I also never persued puppetry in any form either… Kermit’s probably rotting in my dad’s garage… that’s the real tragedy of this story…

At some point I shifted gears to game design and I came up with name PuppetRegime Games. Any who, long story short, I haven’t used that name in a few years and it is henceforth officially retired. The 14 some odd items I had in DriveThruRPG under that name will probably end up here for free in some shape or form. Most of that stuff was pay what you want anyway. I think my A2 Grid Series was the most popular. Here was my favorite.

God Damn Them All…

Nothing says that you care about your players’ collective mental health as describing a dungeon drawn on that crazy mess while they try to keep notes on regular graph paper.

This next on in the A2 Grid Series was for people who can’t make up their minds on which system they’re going to use. I’m a long time GURPS and AD&D guy, so I thought this would be useful in some capacity….

I don’t think this was downloaded once.

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