Current Projects

I am forever grateful for New Comet Games. thanks to Ben Burns, I finally have an updated computer setup for my mapping. Instead of that ancient 2009 iMac and Wacom Intuos 5, and am now rocking a 2012 Mac mini and a Wacom Cintiq 16. I know the 2012 is still an older model, but GOOD LORD! it is a HUGE improvement on that relic of a computer. With this setup I will be working on the maps for New Comet Games’s Call of Cthulhu KickStarter A Time of Sacrifice. I am working on a giant map of the Yucatan and some fo the surrounding areas for this module. I will be posting updates on that map here and on my Instagram, where you can find some rough outlines.

I am also finishing up maps for a Dave Butler novel, you may be familiar with the maps I created fort his Witchy War novels. This book is not in that series, but here’s a little taste.

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