Bryan G. McWhirter is a cartographic illustrator, graphic designer, and an avid player of board games and table top roleplaying games. His work has been featured in D.J. Butler’s Witchy Winter, Dragon Award Finalist 2018, and Ben Burn’s Devil’s Swamp, Three Castles RPG Design Award Winner 2019. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas.

Recent Works

Spine of the Dragon by Kevin J. Anderson, TOR.

Witchy Winter and Witchy Kingdom by D.J. Butler, BAEN.

A Star on the Shore, Devil’s Swamp, Operation: Deep Freeze & Thunderclap, Operation: Arctic Blast, and Citadel of Terror by Ben Burns, New Comet Games.

Future Past: Edge Station, System Set: Muinmos, System Set: Salutian and System Set: Querritix, by Adventure A Week.

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